About Interlook Design

The team that will take care of your renovation project

Know-how is the word that summarizes Interlook Design. It’s not a slogan that describes a company but the gained experiential expertise which forms the intrinsic power. That’s what the customer feels. 

Interlook Design stands for:

Targeting, open minded thinking, velocity, communication, quality, energy, customer-, solution-, results- and service-oriented.

These values can’t be claimed all of a sudden.

It means : working hard every day, adjusting, moving the slat higher, in short, one needs vigor, one needs to like to do this very much. Everybody understands that it’s not always simple but it is an honour to come to beautiful results with customers.  Isabelle De Waele, Thierry Teirlinck and the rest of the team have been in the branch of hair- and beauty salons for many years. The ambition remains and the motivation is contagious.

Welcome to the world of Interlook Design. Be inspired! Questions or suggestions, we are all ears.

See you soon !!

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our showroom

Visit our showroom in Nazareth!  

Interlook Design started in 1994 in Deinze. Due to the fast growth and demand for this unique way of hair salon concepts, we moved to Nazareth after 15 years.

Today you’ll find our Interlook Design showroom in an environment that immediately catapults you to an idyllic location somewhere in the south of France. Thanks to the fantastic designs and ideas of Thierry Teirlinck in combination with what we do every day at Interlook Design, integrating your own character and passion ...

We are a family business where conviviality and home-feeling are a must. So when you visit us, do expect a drawing of Marie-Belle once in a while or a paw of D’Artagnan. If you dislike that we will take that in account!   

Our showroom also contains an extended collection of hair salon furniture, interior design and decoration. 

However, if you cannot find what you are looking for you can rely on the knowledge and network of Interlook Design – we will accompany you from A to Z through the whole project.    

Whenever you are stuck in your ‘box-thinking’ you can visit our showroom without any obligation - the unique experience will free you automatically out of that box and you’ll find Isabelle, Thierry and their team at your side.    

Not convinced? Have a look at our realizations on the website. Let us know when you want to visit us and enter at your own pace your story which we will bring to a successful end – together.

See you soon !!    

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Sir D’Artagnan of Nazareth

Dear visitor,

I’m am D’Artagnan, my friends call me D’Arty. I have been the mascot of Interlook Design since 2006 and I am everybody’s cuddly bear.  Very important facts: I do NOT bite, I like to walk around in the showroom and outside … in the neighbourhood and I LOVE being cuddled.  You don’t have te be afraid of me – I just have some tiny regulations:

1. If I want something I’ll have it; my amber-colored eyes are irresistible

2. Don’t put your cookie down because it will automatically be mine

3. If I find food, wherever, it’s mine

4. Eveything in my mouth is and stays mine

5. I’m not interested in empty papers – you can keep them ;-)

PS: My birthday is always on March 27!  every year the same date only the day differs  funny ha?!

Love to see you soon at our showroom!

Bye for now,


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