Our Interlook Design Collection and Concepts have become a recognizable brand and fixed value within the hairdressing world since 1994. With suppliers from all over the world, Interlook Design tries to create combinations which are very unique in every hair salon.

At Interlook Design we think no longer 'out-of-the-box', rather 'like-there-is-no-box'. With the right mission and vision we want to give the perfect experience to the hairdresser and the end customer. Comfort, quality and a 5-star service are the unmistakable characteristics.

From the introduction to choosing your hair salon, it feels more like a fantastic family celebration you can’t stop. That’s why our customers always return when they want to renew their hair salon. Once you have experienced the experience of Interlook Design, you wouldn't choose your new salon in any other way.

Every collaboration is unique and we cherish that just as much as you do.

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