Lampe Berger de Paris

A collection of fragrant, elegant and refined items, aimed at all those who want to introduce a true olfactory signature to their home. 

PARFUM BERGER now invites you to discover another way of perfuming your home - occasional or continual, intense or delicate, but always with topmost quality and without any concessions. A collection that is based on exceptional fragrances, created in Grasse by Master-perfumers as a real tribute to French tradition and know-how.

The company LAMPE BERGER was founded around 1910 by Maurice Berger, originally a pharmacist. He wanted to reduce the bacterial transfer that took place in large hospital halls by cleaning the air. He heated ceramic material that was in contact with alcohol through a wick. After initially heating the stone with a flame, catalytic combustion of the alcohol started. That process kept itself at a much lower temperature. The principle of this catalytic combustion is based on a discovery by Justus von Liebig and Charles Gerhardt. Berger patented his idea in 1898 and called it the Lampe Berger. The claim that bacteria in the passing air are killed in this way has not been proven.

Essential oils were later added to the alcohol to perfume the environment. In collaboration with the French glassmaker Émile Gallé, different glass models have been made. Several French designers, including Chantal Thomas, Hilton Mc Connico and René Lalique have designed for the company.